GXR P10 L bracket

by tolomea on October 30, 2010

GXR P10 L bracket

A new camera needs a new L-bracket.

Of course I’m so far behind on posting stuff that it’s all out of whack. The photos you are seeing at the moment are from June, I purchased the camera in August and it’s currently October.

I actually started the design for this back in August, but I haven’t been doing much panoramic stuff recently so I never finished it. However with an American holiday in the planning, I figured I should get this finished as lead times on 3d printing are often measured in weeks.

A couple of changes from last time, first I’m using Alibre design instead of Blender. The improvement here is fantastic. I have no beef with Blender, it’s just that Blender is not designed for this sort of work and Alibre is. I think I mentioned this before, but I first noticed Alibre because some guy was pimping it at Maker Faire, so congrats to him, +1 paying customer. Seriously if you are doing home brew CAD stuff check it out, $100 is incredibly cheap for a full featured parametric solid modeling system.

This bracket is going to be printed by Shapeways, as it turns out they are cheaper than my previous supplier. However even if they weren’t cheaper I would still be using them. Where the other 3d printing firms I’ve dealt with consider hobbyist stuff a waste of their time and effort Shapeways has explicitly embraced that market and I wish to encourage them.

I also have tentative plans for a ring light, however while I managed to pull the bracket off with just my calipers, I will need a far better model of the camera to make the ring light. I emailed Ricoh to see if they could provide something, but they weren’t even interested in considering the question. So now I need to find / buy a 3d scanner so I can make my own model.

Also since we are on the topic of kit and this post is already mega long by my normal standards… The Ricoh GXR 2011 roadmap is out. There’s only two modules on it but they are both interesting. First is a lens mount module with an as yet unspecified connector. I’m curious about this but reserving judgement until they announce the connector. The second module is an ~25mm to ~100mm zoom lens with an APS-C sensor. I’m buying that. I’ve been wanting to experiment with the bigger sensors for a while but have been put off by the lack of zoom and the lack of something in the 80mm range, this covers both.

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Hans-Dieter January 18, 2014 at 8:41 pm

have You take z´his L Bracker and can You give me more information?

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