Printrbot Back

by tolomea on September 2, 2012

Printrbot Back
GXR A12, 50mm (35equiv), ISO 400, 1/14s, f/2.5, 2012-09-02

Here’s a shot of the back.
The motor center right and the belt to the left of it drive the extruder carriage.
You can also see the filament going into the top of the extruder. Currently I the roll of filament is lying on the floor next to my desk, fixing that is high on my todo list.
At the bottom there is a big bundle of cables, one of todays tasks was fitting the control board into the substructure and tying up all the loose cables. Previously it had been sitting on the table next to the printer. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but having all that tidied away has greatly improved the feel of it.

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