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Group Shot

by tolomea on June 26, 2012

Group Shot
GXR P10, 30mm (35equiv), ISO 800, 1/8s, f/3.7, 2012-06-11

First up the obligatory group shot. This was taken at the Kathmandu park in Magalluf.



by tolomea on April 24, 2012

GXR A12, 50mm (35equiv), ISO 400, 1/21s, f/2.5, 2011-03-02

Andrea says this shot makes me look psycho. Hmmm, maybe I should circulate it at work, along with a reminder that SCM is stressful :)


Us @ the Grand Canyon

by tolomea on April 18, 2012

Us @ the Grand Canyon
GXR A12, 50mm (35equiv), ISO 200, 1/760s, f/2.8, 2011-03-01

Cliche tourist shot.


Jet Lag

by tolomea on April 22, 2011

Jet Lag

Sydney to San Francisco is 13 hours, coming back is 14.

The flight there leaves mid afternoon travels through the longest night ever and arrives a few hours before you left.
The flight back leaves late in the evening and arrives early in the morning… losing an entire day in the process, if you leave on Friday you arrive on Sunday.

I generally do OK with Jet Lag.
The first couple of times I got this twilight zone effect where it would feel like nighttime but the sun would be high and bright, but I never had any sleep problems.
My general approach can be summarized as “sleep deprivation”.
Planes aren’t comfortable to start with so I work through rather than sleeping, it’s generally the only time I get a full work day without a single interruption.
On arrival I force myself to stay up until the normal sleeping time, getting some sunlight during this time is good as well.
Come bedtime I’ve been awake for at least 30 hours, sleep comes easy.

At least that’s the plan.
Going there it is easy, coming back is somewhat harder.
Companies don’t generally fly people half way round the world without good reasons, so generally while I’m there I have an excess of important work that MUST get done.
By the time I head home I’m usually well and truly strung out.
This makes staying awake on the plane and in Sydney after arrival difficult.
The plane bit has to be done by force of will.
For the Sydney bit I find the best approach is a day out and about in the sun with the camera.

The next few photos are from the day I returned from my August trip.

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by tolomea on October 30, 2010


I’m not sure what it is that I like about this one.

I took the photo because I wanted to know what was down the hole, I had no idea that it was full of water and subsequently would produce such a good reflection.


Us at the “Basket of Dreams”

by tolomea on March 21, 2010

Us at the "Basket of Dreams"

The two hills adjacent to the town center are Bob Peak and the Queenstown hill.

Bob peak is home to the Gondola and associated diversions, so we’ve been up there many times.

Queenstown hill on the other hand has only a walking track. On this visit we decided to give that a go. We only had a couple of hours to spare and the climb is relatively hard going (at least at my fitness level it is) so we didn’t go all the way to the summit. We did however make it to the top of the loop track which is where this was taken. There is a sculpture at the top of the loop track called the “Basket of Dreams”, that’s it behind us in the photo. I of course climbed up on top of it to take some panoramas, but the trees were still blocking the view somewhat.


Us at Larnach Castle

by tolomea on March 7, 2010

Us at Larnachs Castle

People are always¬†complaining¬†that I don’t take enough photos of us. So heres us at Larnach Castle.