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Natural History Museum 1of2

by tolomea on August 4, 2012

Natural History Museum 1of2
GXR P10, 34mm (35equiv), ISO 100, 1/540s, f/4.0, 2012-06-22

Where to begin, it’s now over a month since this was taken, the lack of posting the last couple of weeks is a combination of moving apartment with the associated internet outage and starting a new job with the associated dramatic decline in free time. I’d promise to be more diligent in future, but it’s not likely to happen, for the foreseeable future we are back to best effort.



by tolomea on July 14, 2012


Here ends the Mallorca photos. We’ve been back in London a month since this was taken, I need to take a look through the camera and see if there’s much interesting from that period. Tomorrow we are off to the Farnborough airshow, maybe I’ll inflict a stack of airplane photos on you.


Magaluf Sunset

by tolomea on July 12, 2012

Magaluf Sunset
GXR P10, 28mm (35equiv), ISO 100, 1/189s, f/3.5, 2012-06-12

As the title says, sunset over Magaluf. I don’t recall specifically where in Magaluf, not that it matters overly.

Sorry about the brief lull in the photos, the job hunting exercise came to a rather manic head, but it’s mostly sorted now and I can breathe a little again.



by tolomea on June 27, 2012

GXR P10, 28mm (35equiv), ISO 800, 1/18s, f/3.5, 2012-06-11

This is a photo of a Yeti from Kathmandu, I’m too tired and strung out today to elaborate and I haven’t had time to sort out some more photos, hopefully tomorrow.
On the upside job hunting is going very well, unfortunately any good recruiter will have found this blog already, so I can’t really comment on just how well it’s going.

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HMS Belfast

by tolomea on June 14, 2012

HMS Belfast
GXR P10, 69mm (35equiv), ISO 100, 1/570s, f/4.5, 2012-06-01

This is the HMS Belfast, she’s moored in the Thames on display as part of the Imperial War Museum.

In other news blog posting is back, in case you hadn’t noticed 😛
I have an application I wrote to manage my blog posts, it’s a Python program, but it depends on a whole bunch of stuff like GTK, an EXIF library, Flickr and WordPress APIs etc.
Until now I had developed and run it exclusively on Linux, but I don’t currently have Linux installed on my new laptop and getting it all going under Windows has been a chore to say the least. But we are now back in business.
I’m also skipping over all that stuff from the last year which I hadn’t gotten round to posting and moving right onto current events. So welcome to London.



by tolomea on March 6, 2011


This is the general quality of the trails in the Big Basin park. Where we went was all well maintained easy going tracks. Perfect for unwinding.

On a meta note, my big project at work has passed it’s main deliverable so the next few months should be a touch less insane. This should translate into more regular posting. Also in the interests of clearing some of the back log, or at least not falling further behind I’m going to be posting them in slightly larger batches although generally not more than 4 at a time. Todays effort represents about the largest burst you can expect.



by tolomea on November 13, 2010

That closes out the Cockatoo island set.

From here I’m planning to continue posting largely unedited photos until I catch up a bit.

I have a business trip to California next week, so I will try and use some of the quiet hotel time to sift through the next few months worth and pick out the better stuff.

I quick ls in the unprocessed photos directory gives us…


Boy am I behind.


Updated Favorites

by tolomea on September 2, 2010

The King and Queen

I’ve updated my flickr favorites set to include some of my newer favorites and remove some older photos I’m not so fond of anymore.


Banner update

by tolomea on August 26, 2010

I’ve changed the banner images again, here’s the current set.



by tolomea on August 2, 2010


Also spotted at Maker Faire, a giant whirlpool.

Speaking of massive sucky things I’m off to NZ for a few days to attend the funeral of a friend :( RIP Amal.