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Moonlight Eye

by tolomea on August 17, 2012

Moonlight Eye
GXR P10, 222mm (35equiv), ISO 800, 1/4s, f/4.8, 2012-06-22

The new place doesn’t have a long view, lots of interesting street life to watch instead but nothing like this.


Moon at 300mm

by tolomea on March 9, 2011

Moon at 300mm

A while back I talked about the size of the moon and it’s relationship to focal lengths.

Here is the 300mm moon shot I promised.

The other big difference between that photo and this is this shot was taken at night.

At night the contrast between the moon and the sky is quite large and since the moon is such a small part of the picture the camera tends to oversaturate it.

The old camera didn’t have manual controls and I never managed to push the exposure down far enough to get a good exposure of the moon. On the new camera this is quite easy. I’ve also become better at driving the cameras and I do wonder if I could do this shot on the old camera now.


200mm Moon

by tolomea on November 13, 2010

200mm Moon

This is more of a technical interest piece. This is the moon as shot with a 200mm(35equiv) focal length.

Being a compact user I’m used to dealing with different sized sensors and their effects on focal lengths. The 200mm(35equiv) means that this image has the same field of view as a photo taken on a 35mm sensor with a 200mm focal length.

Very few cameras these days actually have 35mm sensors. DSLR’s for example generally have 22mm sensors. So to get the same field of view on a DSLR you would need a 200 / 35 * 22 = 126mm focal length.

One of the first things I did when I purchased the new camera was redo this shot at 300mm, so when I get up to those photos you can look back here and compare.

The field of view is proportionate to the focal length. The moon in this shot is about 200 pixels in diameter and the photo is 2592 pixels high. So to get a full frame shot you will need something in the neighborhood of 200mm * 2592px / 200px = 2600mm. AKA a telescope.

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